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Banjo Drape

Product Description

Banjo is recognized as the industry standard for convention drape because of its low cost and inherently flame resistant characteristics. Convention Centers and Professional Decorators use this fabric for most of their decorating. Banjo is cut from approximately 48in wide fabric bolts. There is a 4 inch pocket sewn at the top and bottom for an extended life and quick set up. Industry standard 8ft Panels are sewn at 94 inch which keeps the drape 2 inches off the floor.  All drape sizes will be sewn to 2 inches off the floor unless special ordered.
For Booth or Back wall designs, Georgia Expo recommends 4-5 fabric panels per 10ft section — depending on how gathered you want your drape to be.  This allows for a “50% fullness”.

Each Panel measures 48" wide x 94" high


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