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Catering & Outdoor Cooking

Whether it’s a small intimate wedding of 40 guests or large wedding affair of 500, both include the preparation, cooking, and serving of food.  Ralston Supply Center is here to facilitate you in making your wedding a savory success with the use of food preparation, cooking and serving rental products.  

Our goal at Ralston Supply center is to ease your mind when it comes to preparing and cooking food for any size group.  For this you or your caterers will need larger containers, grills, cookers, and more to accomplish and assemble your meals in a timely and efficient manner.  Our Wedding specialist will guide you through our array of products such as BBQ equipment, fryers, convention ovens, steamer pots, griddles, portable butane stoves, roaster ovens, coffee makers, and more.  Having these items at your fingertips you or your caterer will be more organized, have the opportunity to keep things warm, and have the ability to cook more items at one time.