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Tents for the Spacious Reception

Fresh air, natural ambiance, a more festive atmosphere... there's just something special about an outdoor party that makes it unique, memorable, and enjoyable. Ralston Supply Center offers an array of tent structures and accessories that can turn your backyard, parking lot or corporate space into the custom party of your dreams.  

As you know, your tent choice is one of the most important decisions you will make in the planning of your event. It sets the mood for the occasion as your guests arrive, it's where all the action takes place, and ultimately, is the backdrop to almost every picture taken. At Ralston Supply Center, we offer an array of all sizes and styles of Frame Tents, Pole Tents, and Tension Tents. Our staff will help you determine the right size(s) and type(s) of tent(s) and will assist you in making sure the tent will fit in your desired space. When deciding on your tents don't forget about completing your atmosphere with a few of our many tent accessories, such as lighting, tent walls, dance floors, stages, and so much more.